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A SOS/Help Me button on your "always with you" mobile phone for 24 hour support, everyday

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Now your cellphone becomes a mobile panic button.
By pressing

  • It will provide your location
  • It will provide your medical details
  • It will alert 4 loved ones that you may be in distress
  • It may save your life

By pressing 9 ...
Get the right medical help - whenever you need it.

  • Which ambulance to call
  • Your blood type
  • Which hospital to transport you to
  • Which allergies to consider

By pressing 9 ...
Get the right people alerted to distress - wherever you are.

4 family members or friends receive your SOS if you are threatened or in danger.

  • In the street, ie potential mugging or assault
  • At home by intruders
  • On the road, possible hi-jacking
  • Going to school, being followed
  • Falls ie elderly, children on bicycles, sports men and women
  • Partying - spiked drinks
  • Children without adult supervision
  • Very young children can navigate keypad easily on your behalf

By pressing 9 ...
You activate the alert to 4 respondents, your location is sent to them and your medical information is sent to your phone.

By pressing 9 ...
You have the security of knowing that your family will get the right help at the right time.

It's as easy as ...

  • Simply REGISTER online or use your cell phone by smsing SOS to 39999
  • Fill in medical and family details on registration page
  • Confirmation will be sent to your cellphone directly